About Our Church

Our Values

We believe that all people regardless of race, gender, or economic background are called and gifted to serve God, and are voices that are important and necessary in the church community.

Core Affirmations

We Are Evangelical

We are a community of believers. We seek continually to be formed by the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that all human life is in need of the healing and saving grace. This grace is available to all through the ministry of Christ. We joyfully affirm the centrality of the Christian scriptures as the faithful and authoritative guide for Christian faith and life. As disciples of Jesus, we believe that we are called to live like Jesus in both personal and corporate holiness. We seek to participate in God’s mission in the world by offering the welcome of God’s grace to others. For this we are thankful.

We Are Apostolic

We are a community of believers. We seek intentionally to listen to ways God has led people of faith throughout history. We affirm the authenticity of those Christian teachings that have been “believed everywhere, always, and by all people”(Vincent of Lérins). We desire to learn from the heritage of the past. We rejoice in the privilege of interpreting historic Christian faith in our day. This commitment is perhaps most recognizable in our gatherings for worship where Word and Sacrament take a central place, and our life together is shaped by the rhythms of the church year.

We Are Communal

We are a community of believers. We take seriously the implications of humanity’s creation in the image of God. As image bearers of the Triune God, who are being renewed in God’s image through the restoring work of Christ, we believe that the church must be distinctively communal. We seek to be a community of radical love that embraces all in the name of Jesus. As Spirit-directed members of the Body of Christ, we commit ourselves to consensus as the normal process of decision making in the community. We affirm that both women and men are called to roles of service and leadership in the church and home.

We Are Diverse

We are a community of believers. We affirm our essential oneness in Christ. We are a community which embraces the distinctions and differences each person brings to the whole body. We welcome all people in a community that seeks to live as a sign of God’s new creation. We celebrate life together as an intergenerational community where children, youth and adults learn from each other as joint participants in the life of faith. We affirm the beautiful and varied array of ministries provided by God on behalf of the church and the world through all of God’s people. We believe it is only through genuine diversity that we can truly experience the unity we have in Jesus Christ.

We Are Missional

We are a community of believers. We are committed to tangible love as the central expression of Christian faithfulness. We believe that Jesus came as a loving servant and calls his followers to love the world in his name. As those who believe in the gospel’s power to transform both individuals and societies, we seek to involve ourselves in holistic ministries of evangelism and social transformation, locally and globally. As God’s faithful stewards of all of God’s gifts, we seek to commit ourselves to a biblical vision of the care of creation, the love of all people, and the responsibilities of material possessions.

We Are Prophetic

We are a community of believers. We are called to live our lives in a way that prophetically addresses the needs of our world today. We continually seek to discern how the good news of the gospel can offer grace and healing to the various issues that society presses upon us. We believe we are called to offer Christ’s hope to a society dying from its addiction to power, wealth, and the pursuit of individual freedom. We believe that this healing must be pursued both in one-on-one relationships, and in a way that addresses the systemic deeper, root causes of human brokenness.