How We Do Church

Arbor House is a church combining the traditional practices of the early church, such as the weekly participation in Holy Communion, with the contemporary contemplation and application of the Bible for twenty-first century living.

What Makes Us Different?

We rely on the whole story of scripture to inform our understanding of God’s direction for our lives. So each week we do readings from the Old Testament, a Psalm, an Epistle and a Gospel.

We believe that Holy Communion is a gift we receive each week, through which we receive the grace that God offers to us so freely.

Because we live in a profane world, we believe the worship of God each week and time spent in community with one another equips us to live thankful lives of service to God the rest of the week.

What To Know On Sunday

All children are welcomed as part of our services and are involved in different aspects of worship. Dress is casual. All are welcome!